How to prevent DDOS brute force attacks

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How to prevent DDOS brute force attacks

What should I do if my mini program, software, app, or webpage encounters a DDOS attack?

1、 Introduction:
DDOS is a type of network violence tool mainly used to attack undefended servers, which can cause serious consequences such as overall server unresponsiveness and overall business paralysis in a short period of time. After being attacked, the service provider, also known as the server provider, will cut off the network of the attacked host for a certain period of time in order to prevent impact on a large number of hosts in the same IP segment. This is commonly referred to as "entering the black hole" and usually recovers in a short period of time. However, if the attack continues, it will be impossible to recover, leading to the paralysis of all services.

2、 How to prevent DDOS attacks:
There are multiple solutions to prevent DDOS attacks

1. Defensive CDN
Major server vendors generally also provide CDN services, among which defensive CDN can effectively defend against DDOS attacks and automatically identify DDOS traffic without backtracking. But be careful not to disclose your own server IP, otherwise it may also lead to attacks. If it is a pay as you go service, it may result in a large amount of fees being deducted when attacked.

2. Advanced defense services or advanced defense hosts
Major server vendors generally provide high defense servers or products, and the price defense varies depending on the products of each manufacturer. The advantage is that the attacker's traffic usually does not affect the business before penetrating the defense, while the disadvantage is that high defense products are generally expensive.

3. Shield overseas IP lines
You can choose to purchase servers that block overseas access to avoid being attacked by overseas traffic. The disadvantage is that no one overseas can access the servers.

4. Server cluster or backup server
You can deploy services on multiple servers and immediately switch to normal servers after a server is attacked and paralyzed. This solution may be cost-effective, but there may be gaps in server switching, which can cause front-end users to perceive.

3、 What to do after being attacked
1. DDOS is an illegal act, and it is recommended to collect evidence and report to the police immediately after being attacked. It is also possible to deploy defense in advance and be fully prepared for the attack.

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